Our Story

In 2006 Shonda Scott founded 360 Total Concept Consulting (360)with the vision of creating the premier consulting firm specializing in public relations, monitoring and contract compliance, logistics, and facilities management. 360 is that vision, the link providing strategic guidance and support to assist clients with turning their concepts into reality. 360 started with just one employee and now we with joint ventures and strategic partnerships have over 100 with offices in Los Angeles and Oakland.

In 2015, 360 was selected and highlighted as a Super Bowl 50 Business Connect, and in 2022, awarded COMTO's Historically Underutilized Business Enterprise of the Year.

Team 360 uses over 25 years business and management experience functioning as an integrated solution to meet each program’s needs. 360 incorporates communication components such as public relations strategies, social media and film media productions as an added benefit to turning our clients’ concept into reality.

No matter what the project's scope or location, one thing that is consistent with 360 is its link to the communities that it serves. Every component related to 360’s business is based on the interface with the community, and the stakeholders that make it exist. 360’s mission is based on collaboration and bringing each components together to reach project’s goals.

360 is certified as:
• Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
• City of Oakland Small Business (SLBE)
• BART Woman-Owned Small Business (WBE/SBE)
• California Unified Certification Program (ACDBE/DBE)

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